Contracts & Forms

2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement Article Changes

Lecturer Bargaining Unit Changes (PDF)

Tenure and Tenure-Track Bargaining Unit Changes (PDF)

2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Lecturer Bargaining Unit (PDF)

Tenure and Tenure-Track Bargaining Unit (PDF)

Forms 2014

UT-AAUP Membership Form (PDF)

Lecturer Grievance Form (PDF)

Tenure and Tenure-Track Grievance Form (PDF)


2008 Collective Bargain Agreement Extensions

Lecturer's Bargaining Unit Extension 2011 (PDF)


2008 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Cover Page (MS Word)

Lecturer's Bargaining Unit Contract (MS Word)

Tenure Track Bargaining Unit Contract (MS Word)



Faculty Childcare Leave Form 2008 (MS Word)

Lecturer's Grievance Form 2008 (MS Word)